Saturday, September 6, 2014

I have moved

I have moved my blog to my website:

This blog will remain within the digital world as an archive of past posts. And new ones will be at the website.

I hope you will join me there as I will begin a blog discussion on how Dr. Ben Carson's book, One Nation, has impacted me. These blog posts will only be about certain passages from chapters as I read them that has expanded my knowledge or broadened my realization of certain truths.

If you have already bought Dr. Carson's book, One Nation, I encourage you to do so. It's a remarkable book...much better than a politician's recent book that was released. ;-)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Post You Are Trying to Read

This blog will be temporarily out of commission. All archived post can be read at the readers leisure, but no new post will be available.

Please check back in a few weeks.

If you would like to contact the blogger directly, please do so, but allow for a few days response time.

Thank you for following dmwebb-writebyfaith and hope to see you again soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, August 4, 2014

What The Future Holds

What does my future hold?
Bestselling author?
Public speaker?
Political activist?
Eccentric artist?
Quiet Christian?

Who knows the plans that God has laid out for me; I know I don't.

I do wonder though, what does my future hold. At times I feel like such a late bloomer. Life interfered with me and set my goals back further and further. Then those goals changed and new dreams emerged; and with these new dreams I feel at times bewildered and oftentimes dazed.

My writing career is slow to start. I'm not sure if there are people out there who heard of me or know about my book. Why would they take a chance on something I wrote? Why would anyone want to share it? Self doubt only makes me feel small and insignificant.

I read other blogs, at times am envious of the following they have, even though I know I shouldn't be. They are structured and efficient, but I don't like to be confined to a certain topic. To me I love speaking about whatever pops into my head. Maybe compared to other writers who have degrees, are involved with ministry, are abundant in their activities, I seem small and insignificant. In the eyes of God, though, I am never insignificant.

I wake up each morning with a smile, and sometimes a cat curled by side. After staggering down the hall and into the kitchen, I'm able to make myself a cup of coffee. I look out my window at the green grass, the full trees, and whistle good morning to my parakeets. I feed the cat and she head butts me in her loving way. Eventually my husband and son rise. Our day begins. What do we do? Who knows. Life is funny that way with us. I write a little, play on the internet, watch television, read, collect my son's school supplies together, plan out a video to produce, go to the store, take a walk, and call my mom. Each day is a variation of that list.

As I look back at that paragraph I realize this: I don't want to be a public speaker. I don't want to be a political activist. I don't want to be an eccentric artist. I don't want to be a bestselling author.

I don't want to be a quiet Christian.

And if I am not wanting to be a quiet Christian, then it's possible that God will make me one of those things on the list. Isn't it funny how our dreams, when they are realized at last, line up perfectly with God's plans?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

When It's Put Onto Your Heart

No photos for this blog. Not this time. Only words can tell this story.

Have you ever realized that through all your pomp and posturing that you have never truly forgave someone? Sure, you said you did, maybe even acted as if you did, but deep down you realized that it was a facade?

It just happened to me.

Years ago I connected with a neighboring town author. Her book was released a month after mine. When it became a free Kindle download that week of release, I was excited to read it since I didn't have the money to purchase books. The book started well--a literary look into a golden memory of an age; but, that's where it stopped for me.

I quickly disliked the character; I felt her research lacking; the symbolism at times had no literary motive.

I know about that lifestyle and the Native American history because that is my heritage. My grandmother lived it; as did my mother. I sat by their sides many a day listening to the life they had back then. My dad taught me about the prejudices against Native Americans and "half-breeds". He tried to hide his lineage because of it. I lived deep in the country most of my life and knew animal behaviour (literally had panthers in the backyard).

After reading, I didn't give the book a bad review. I likened it to To Kill a Mockingbird; but I highlighted the faults. It was not a book for me; but it was a good, secular literary work. I posted this review to my Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and account; plus, I posted it to my personal blog...just as I did all other books I read.

A week or so later the author sent me a Facebook message:
"Hi, Daphne. I just realized you were the person who has been writing such seething reviews about <book title> everywhere. Wow. Did you know...<deleted to protect author and her work>...and it is in the book to symbolize deeper literary themes. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the book. It's not a happy read and it doesn't have a fairytale ending, so it's certainly not for everyone (nothing is). But I'm working so very hard as a debut novelist. I don't really understand your efforts to shoot down my work so broadly and viciously...especially as you're reaching out to me personally as if we're on the same side in this world. I do, however, greatly appreciate you comparing it to To Kill a of my favorite reads, so I'll just focus on that. Best of luck with your writing career my friend. Happy Sunday."

I wanted to defend myself. Even though I left college with a 4.0 GPA and excelled in literary and sociological studies, her message had me feeling like a dumb, hick-town girl.

I remained silent. I immediately defriended her. When she hit the bestseller list, I was flabbergasted. Then I learned, "top 100 free Kindle download" of the New York Times and USA Today. She claimed bestseller alright, but to me it was dubious and devious.

When I reached out to libraries, book clubs, and indie stores in nearby towns I was blocked, ignored, or declined. This author made her name not only through her book, but first through the university and through book clubs; even so far as literary magazines.

Avenues closed to me. I struggled, she soared. And I wondered...did she...?

I reached out through loops and social media to other authors, but never could make friends, but she did.

Suddenly I was the lonely, poor, nerdy girl in high school while she was the rich, popular girl with all the friends.

I told myself to ignore it and to follow God's path. I forgave her. I wished her the best. I shook the dust from my sandals...or so I thought.

When I moved to Iowa, I visited a book store. There in my face was her book! Mine nowhere to be seen, but hers made it here to Iowa. Oh, well, I'll just ignore it. Only one copy, yes? I'll make my connections.

But as I reached out to authors in this area and surrounding areas I realized, she's "friends" with them, too.

I'm never to escape her and her "message" to me.

And that was the crux.

She made me feel lowly. She holds a degree, I don't. She worked at an university, I worked retail. She has money, I don't. She...I. She...I.

I had to stop comparing myself. Yes, she hit a nerve within me, hurt me terribly.

I must remember: I'm following God's path. I do not follow the world. I follow His Word and His commandments, not the world's social norms and trends. It is Him in whom I place my trust, not another person's opinion or comment.

To heal and move forward, I learned last night that I must forgive, to truly forgive. Does she deserve it? No, but neither do I.

So to that author back in Mississippi: I forgive you--and I mean it this time. And I pray that God will bless you as you follow the path He placed before you.